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AKC Registration number: SS29811701

HIPS: Good

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Heart: Normal

PRA-1, PRA-2, DM, Rodcone Degeneration: Clear

ICT: Carrier

OH Dolce! TOO much can be said about this smart and tricky dog! IF you are busy cleaning the yard, feeding the chicks or gardening don't think you can finish that in the time frame you had in mind. FORGET it. LITERALLY. DOLCE will do everything she has learned through experience to gain attention and will not leave you be if you don't give it to her. SHE always finds a way to steal the spotlight from everyone and everything. NOTHING and no-one exists in this world when Dolce decides she wants to cuddle. DEAL with it. AND you know what? WE are expecting her puppies to be the exact copy! DONT tell me I didn't warn you.

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