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IMPORTING country: Finland

SHKODA is probably our most mellow dog. BUT nonetheless would appreciate to get herself into some trouble (her name means "trouble")... she's first to dig up a hole under the fence and make sure everyone has the chance to run around outside of the yard (I mean you can't blame her....having 2 acres of land to roam is definitely not enough). SHE adores spending time with the kids, watching as they play, making sure the rescued kitty has been licked and the chicken are all accounted for. SHE is a fabulous mother who would adopt all of the puppies in the world. SHKODA is extremely submissive to humans and dogs.

OFA cardiac: Normal

OFA eyes: Normal

OFA patellas: Normal

OFA hips: Good

DNA tested for Episodic falling syndrome: Carrier (NOT affected)

DNA tested for DM: Clear

DNA tested for Curly Coat/Dry eye syndrome: Clear

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