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Amerigo di Georgio Kalita di Trui

CH. Kalita di Trui Zargans X CH. Esterra Affinia Gardens

RALPH is our mischievous yet attentive boy who will do whatever your heart desires for the delicious reward we refer to as "treats". TEACHING him to fetch was the easiest task there has ever been, it came naturally and he will bring anything to you just to play fetch. HE is a happy, sweet, loving, cuddle boy that will give up his life for you. WITH age, he becomes more and more of a dream dog and its an honor to have him in our lives

AKC Registration number: SS07238901

OFA HIP rating: Excellent

 OFA ADVANCED cardiology rating: Normal

OFA EYE rating: Normal

OFA ELBOW rating: Normal

DNA tested for PRA-1, Ichthyosis, Rod-Cone Deneration, DM : Clear

DNA tested for PRA-1: Carrier (NOT affected)

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