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Amerigo di Georgio Kalita di Trui

CH. Kalita di Trui Zargans X CH. Esterra Affinia Gardens

RALPH is our mischievous yet attentive boy who will do whatever your heart desires for the delicious reward we often call as "treats". WE have a dream of capturing that moment through a picture where he gives his cat-friend or chicken-friend piggy back rides. WAIT for it and check back soon! WE. WILL. CATCH. THAT. MOMENT. HE is a happy, sweet, loving, cuddle boy that will give up his life for you.THIS sums up his character to give anyone the idea of what he is like.

AKC Registration number: SS07238901

OFA HIP rating: Excellent

 OFA ADVANCED cardiology rating: Normal

OFA EYE rating: Normal

OFA ELBOW rating: Normal

DNA tested for PRA-1, Ichthyosis, Rod-Cone Deneration, DM : Clear

DNA tested for PRA-1: Carrier (NOT affected)

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