SHORTLY about us

WELCOME to our family! WE, at Tsarevich goldens and cavaliers would like to offer beautiful puppies to homes that will love and cherish them. OUR 2 human-families are co-breeders one of us raises Golden Retrievers and the other Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (WE also collide with many local breeders to introduce new healthy, bloodlines. If we recommend a breeder on this website then we fully trust them and their idea of raising only healthy dogs). BOTH of us live in the beautiful state of California within a couple minutes drive from each other! WITHIN 2 hours of Sacramento we have the beautiful San Francisco, glorious Lake Tahoe and mesmerizing Napa Valley... you can probably tell from our photos that our furry companions join us for the weekend getaways whether it'd be the mountains, the lakes or the ocean. ALL of our dogs are trained, groomed and socialized by our big family. WE raise our dogs amongst ourselves and our children, our pet-sheep, pet-chicken, cats and even parrots! NEW families will not have to worry about socializing their new puppy that they get from us, we will use their first 8-10 weeks of life that are the most vital to do the job of socializing them ourselves! 

WE have been animal lovers since the start of our family (31st anniversary to us!). OUR blessings (four-legged-family) started coming to us after our purchase of a wonderful home with 2.5 acres. FOR us, the priority in raising dogs is their health and well being, hence, we make a big emphasis on this and support ONLY the carriers of good and healthy genes to be reproduced. THERE are too many wonderful animals suffering in shelters and we never practice irresponsible animal reproduction for the sake of profit. NEVER. PERIOD. ALL of our dogs are AKC registered, are always kept UTD on shots and deworming, chipped and protected to our best knowledge from anything that can hurt them. NONE of our females have had more than 3 litters and none of them have been rehomed, they stay with us (however, you will not see them on our website).

WHAT we seek in potential families

OUR puppies go to approved and forever homes only. WE will not approve a family if they are only 99% sure that they want a new family member/puppy...we accept only 100%. WE will be replying to inquiring families that have filled a questionnaire. THERE goes a saying "We are responsible for those whom we tame", dogs have become tamed and domesticated by humans, and in our house the responsibility of their lives is EXTREMELY important. EACH and every family that should inquire should acknowledge that dogs are not a form of toy, they are living beings and should be treated respectfully and lovingly. WE will never cooperate with puppy mills and similar operating pet enterprises. IF you think you can commit to one of our puppies and provide for them, then please take a moment to:

1. FILL out the questionnaire

2. GET familiarized with our contracts

3. GIVE us a call or send us a text for any questions

4. GET approved (or denied...sorry)

5. DECIDE on a puppy!!!

WE will willingly answer any and all of the potential family's questions to help them make the right choice. ALL families are welcome to come visit us to see how the puppies are raised. WE encourage out-of-state families to physically come and meet us and the puppy they are interested in but realize that that is not an option for someone sometimes. HENCE, we will try and make everybody's experience the best it can be. TRAVEL charges are the responsibility of each family, our responsibility is to make this travel experience as easy as possible on the puppies.

WHAT our puppies come with

ALL of our puppies before leaving our premises will be provided with the following:

* AGE-appropriate vaccinations

* DEWORMING at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks

* VETERINARY certificate of health

* BASIC potty training

* AKC registration (see terms below)

ALL of our dogs are registered and DNA'd with the American Kennel Club and so will their puppies be. AKC registration will be given to new families after proof of spay/neuter of the puppy from a legal veterinarian doctor (along with his/her phone number and clinic information). BREEDING rights will be considered and given to those who inquire, exclusions may apply. WE reserve the right to refuse ownership of our puppies to anyone whom we feel is unable to commit to a new family member. OUR puppies go to approved and forever homes only. WE will be replying to inquiring families only with a detailed message of what kind fo lifestyle they are willing to offer to our puppies. WE never cooperate with puppy mills and similar operating pet enterprises.