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Bond (retired)

CH. Grand Cru of Cuddly Worlds X CH. Hellebore Du Clos De Larpege
(Importing country: France/Russia)

Bond, our pride, our special one, our most adored boy, the one that puts a smile on anyones face. He comes to us from a breeder located in St. Petersburg, where his mother lives to this day. His human mother had to fly to France in order for the future dog-parents to meet and in 2 months Bondik was born. 

His beauty and character turned heads not only of people on the street but also judge Luis Pinto Teixeira in the World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig, Germany. There, he earned 2nd place out of 170 cavaliers!

But what makes him special is not his jaw-dropping looks, its his ability to love relentlessly. If dogs would be able to speak, Bondik would be the one that would always speak of his sincere love towards you, towards his cat-friends, towards the kids that come to play, you name it! He is a happy boy and has learned that he can run after you when you leave the house and sit by the car with the "look" and he will be guaranteed the chance to join in for the ride wether it'd be to the store, to the cafe or a weekend getaway.

AKC registration number: TS41178702

OFA hip rating: Fair

OFA cardiology rating: Normal

OFA eye rating: Normal

OFA Patellas rating: Normal

DNA Episodic falling syndrome: Carrier (NOT affected)

DNA DM: Clear

DNA Curly coat/Dry eye syndrome: Clear

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